About Us


The McKeesport Police Department has 55 full time and 10 part time Officers. It is one of the few departments in Allegheny County with its own Detective Bureau and Traffic Division. The McKeesport Detective Bureau consists of 4 investigative divisions: Juvenille, Narcotics, Computer Crimes, and Criminal.


The department has a very active Crime Prevention Program including D.A.R.E., River Rescue, C.O.P.S., K-9, D.O.T., and Bike Patrol.


At any given time, the patrol division has 6 to 10 officers on duty in cars throughout the City with a Lieutenant and Sergeant in charge.



Main:  412.675.5050  Fax:  412.675.5009  Warden:  412.675.5015



201 Lysle Boulevard McKeesport PA  15132