Letter From the Chief


Welcome to the official City of McKeesport Police Department website. This site will help you become more familiar with the different aspects of our agency, its history and the men and women who are responsible for keeping our communities safe. We provide real-time access for members of our community, and visitors, to discover our police department and explore the services we provide. This is a very exciting time for the McKeesport Police Department with advanced technology in crime fighting being utilized to its fullest extent. The men and women who serve on the department dedicate themselves each day to the fundamental goal of making our city safer and better then the day before. Their commitment to providing quality and professional police services is something of which we can all be proud of. It is our basic, unwavering belief that every citizen has the right to live in safety.


I hope you enjoy the information provided on this site. If anyone would like to contact me directly my email address is b.washowich@mckpd.us.


Best regards,

Bryan J. Washowich


Main:  412.675.5050  Fax:  412.675.5009  Warden:  412.675.5015



201 Lysle Boulevard McKeesport PA  15132